Accessibility Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Statement for Skegness Pier


Skegness Pier was first opened in 1881 and is a famous landmark in Skegness having been created and established as a major tourist attraction. It houses 3 large amusement areas, a Ten Lane Tenpin Bowling Centre along with a Laserquest arena. It has several cafes and a Licensed Bar as well as large amusement type rides and fairground side stalls as well as a Prize shop, a Bingo and a Tattooist.
We have toilet facilities throughout the Pier including accessible facilities and Baby changing areas.

Due to the fact that the Main Pier entrances are at ground level and the Pier at the Seaward end is elevated over the Beach there are several steps and ramps throughout the Pier. There is only one small area in the first Arcade that is only accessible by steps. The rest of the Pier is accessible by ramps.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01754 767376 or email
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  • Skegness Pier is located on Skegness Seafront on the Eastern side of Grand Parade. There is a map on our website but if you prefer you can plan your journey by car or public transport using ; simply enter your postcode and ours which is PE25 2UE to get directions.
  • The nearest railway station is Skegness which is 1 mile away. Taxis are available at the station. If you require an accessible taxi you can book this in advance by contacting Red Cabs Taxi on 01754 765555 or 1st Choice Cabs on 07897105344
  • Skegness Bus station is next to the railway station which is a mile away. Buses do pick up and drop off outside of the front of the Pier and they are user friendly for disabled people
  • Should you require to book wheelchairs or scooters in advance Seacroft mobility hire scooters and wheelchairs and many other accessories for less able people. Please contact them on 01754 882327 or email enquiries@seacroft
  • Should you require information such as menus access statements etc in large print please contact us on 01754 767376 or

Car Parking and Arrival

  • Car Parking is available next to the Pier. There are several accessible car parking spaces and parking on the double yellow lines on the road,Grand Parade next to the Pier is often favoured. Blue badge holders are charged for parking in the designates spaces but you get double the length of time purchased. There are ten blue badge spaces and parking for about 200 otherwise. Blue badge holders are required to pay for and display a ticket from the ticket machine.See details of the terms in the additional information section at the end of this statement.
  • Some of the Parking is on tarmac and the overlow is in a field next to the tarmaced area.
  • The lighting from the tarmaced car parking area is quite poor.
  • The Car Park is about100 meters from the Pier
  • The Pier has ten different entrances
  • From the car park to the main entrances at the front of the Pier there is pavement and this wraps around the building down the southern side. On this side there is also a ramp which takes you up to the second arcade on the outside of the building. At the top of the ramp there are manually opened doors. Should you require assistance with opening doors beforehand please contact us on 01754 767376 or email
  • We have some electrically automatic opening doors at the front of the Pier which open on a sensor. We also have other normal manual doors which are open during warm weather.
  • Once inside the front of the building the floor is carpeted
  • There is a large area of amusement machines at ground level with toilet facilities at the rear of this main arcade . These include Accessible facilities and Baby changing facilities.
  • To access the next level up there are seven steps with a handrail either side. Should you need assistance please ask a member of staff or call 01754 767376
  • To arrive at our Casino area the entrance is automatically opening and activated by sensors. The Casino is on Ground level and is carpeted
  • The entrance to the Bowl on the Northern side of the building slopes down slightly and the Bowling Centre itself is all on one level. This has facilities for the less able
  • The entrance to the Laserquest is via the Southern Bowl entrance which slopes down to the building then there is a slight ramp into the building
  • To access captain Kids play area there is a ramp at the southern side of the Pier. This same ramp allows access to the main Ticket World area of the Pier which in turn ramps up to the 3rd Deck which leads on one level to the outer Deck

Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area

  • The Main entrance has several Childrens ride situated just within the building and then there is a large area of Simulator machines and Videos. On the Souther side of the front arcade there is a Casino area.
  • There are change kiosks situated in each arcade and change machines.
  • Staff are trained to help should anyone be unable to reach the Reception Desk/cash desk counter from a wheelchair.
  • Bumpers are available for less able people in the Bowling Centre and so are frames to assist with steering the balls down the lanes.
  • Menus are available in braille on request beforehand
  • We do not at present have hearing loops
  • The Area in the main entrance of the Pier where the Videos and simulators are is quite dimly lit whereas all other areas are quite bright with Neon lights
  • There is some seating in the entrance to the Casino area
  • The Flooring in the Bowl is laminate and seating is available in here
  • Most of the time the lighting in the Bowling area is well lit but from time to time we have a Glow lighting effect whereby the lanes glow in the dark and the lighting is dimmed

Attraction (displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

  • In the main the Pier is comprised of large areas of Amusement machines interspersed with change areas. We have Cafes, toilets, toilet facilities for all and baby changing areas
  • We also have a Ten lane Bowling Centre with Laserquest adjacent and a large childrens Play area.
  • On the outer Deck we have an inflatable slide, trampolines a Helter skelter and other fairground stalls. the Flooring on the outer deck is wooden Decking
  • There is background music in the Bowling Centre
  • Many of the machines have flashing lights and some are quite noisy
  • Some of the manual doors are quite heavy to push
  • There is seating at intervals around the attraction and there are benches on the open Pier Deck

Public Toilets

  • Public toilets are available on the ground floor in the main arcade and in the Bowling Centre. Other toilets can also be accessed from the Southern side of the building near the Camel Racing Game and these are accessed via ramps. The toilets in Deck 3 are open seasonally when this section of the Pier is open.
  • We have Unisex accessible toilets in all areas of the Pier and the Bowl


  • Coffee Lounge Area in Deck2 is accessible via the southern ramp. This area has wooden seats and a laminate floor and this area is well lit with overhead lighting
  • All chairs are without arms and can easily be moved
  • In the Hollywood bar and Diner situated within the Bowl ther is a mixture of booth seating and individual chairs with no arms as well as tub chairs and two seater sofas.
  • In Coastas Cafe in Deck 3 this is brightly lit with overhead lighting too and there is some natural daylight form large windows.and there is a safety floor
  • Some of the seats are quite close to each other
  • On the outer Deck Cheryls Kiosk has bench seating
  • At the outside of front of the Pier we have heavy chairs near our Vending area


  • We have a Tattoo Parlour on the Southern side of the Pier on ground level
  • We have Suzies Beach Kiosk open seasonally selling Buckets and spades. This is accessed via the Ramps into the building from the Southern side of the Pier

Grounds and Gardens

  • There is a large grassed area on the Southern side of the Pier which is public space
  • Outside of the main Bowl entrance there is a ramp down to the Bowl where we have benches and a small Patio area accessed by a step

Additional Information

  • We have a set of evacuation procedures-should you require it someone will assist you with evacuation either out of the building or to a refuge
  • We welcome trained assistance dogs. Water Bowls are available at the main entrance to the Pier and to the Bowling Centre
  • All of our information brochures evacuation procedures etc are available in large print should you request this
  • We can offer a list of nearby accommodation and details of their access statements for information, where available

Future Plans

  • We are planning to review our website to make it more accessible
  • We are going to put a virtual tour on our Facebook

Contact Information

Address (Inc postcode):

Gabriella Wilkinson Skegness Pier Grand Parade Skegness LINCS PE25 2UE


01754 767376



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Hours Of Operation:

10.00-7pm in Winter 9am until 11pm Summer

Local Equipment Hire:

Seacroft Mobility Roman Bank Skegness Tel 01754 882327

Local Accessible Taxi:

Red Cabs Taxi 01754 765555 First Choice Cabs 07897 105344

Local Public Transport:

Stagecoach Buses